Thursday, February 4, 2010


Validation is great. Especially in today's dreary world when you're never sure if you're doing the right thing, for yourself or others. But a kind word and a warm smile work wonders.

First, talking with SIL about our upcoming trip to the Knit Kit, she was telling me how her and a friend at work were both learning to knit together. She said books were one thing, but she needed to see somebody do a technique over and over again for her to really get it. I told her I look up videos on the internet, and she says "I want to watch you. You're really good and you know what you're doing." Wow.
Now, SIL and I haven't always been friendly towards each other. Because of misunderstandings and half-truths from a third party, she thought I was taking advantage of her brother. But after five and a half years of being with her brother, we've finally gotten to the point where we can go on an outing together, just the two of us. This is our first time being together without either one of our husbands around, and I'm really looking forward to it. And to top it all off she wants to learn knitting technique from me. Totally awesome.

Second compliment. On the phone last night with Mrs. K talking about AK and how she liked her socks. Now, I'm expecting some nice but non-committal comment, but Mrs. K says "She loves them. And I'm jealous. I want a pair." When she agrees to have them in the same color as her daughter's, I can hear AK cheering in the background. Unbeknownst to the K's I'm also gonna check my stash to see if I have enough gray left to do a pair for Mr. K. My first pair of socks, and they went over great. And Mrs. K is the kind of friend who will tell me the truth no matter what, so I know she really likes the socks.

Third compliment, and the best one of all. While on the phone with Mrs. K, DH asks me if we have anything nukable. He just ate the last nukable thing ive minutes before he asked, so I tell him no and ask if he wants an egg. After getting off the phone, I fry him an egg and serve it on a 7-grain bagel w/mozzarella cheese. He looks at me with love in his eyes. "Aww, hun, thanks. You always take care of me, and you do a great job of it."

Ah, validation. Working on a relationship with SIL, my knitting, and being a good mother and wife. We all know hard work pays off, but it's hard to see progress without outside observations. Thanks to you all for making my week, and for letting me know that at least I'm doing some things right.

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