Tuesday, August 23, 2011

20 Meals in 1 Day: Day 1

A few days ago, DD and I were in Shop Rite picking up some small things when I saw the new Rachael Ray magazine. The cover said "Twenty Meals, One Day" so of course I grabbed it. DH is always getting on me about not planning my meals, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to try out the idea.

Yesterday, I spent an hour in the kitchen prepping pork and veggies. Yes, I kept them separate. Once I had 8 lbs (not 10 as RR says to use) cut up, seasoned, and in the oven I started on the veggies. I bought pre-cut squash so that saved me some time. The peppers and onions went easy, and then sat on my kitchen counter for over an hour until the pork was done. We're not making the tomato sauce, as I'm a lazy mom and have three jars of spaghetti sauce in the house. Tomorrow afternoon I'll do the chicken and rice. I would have done it yesterday, but my feet and back were killing me, and having your oven at 450 degrees for over 2 hours does not make for a comfortable work environment.

So today we had meal #1, Mango Pork, and Watercress Salad. I followed the recipe almost exactly. We're out of honey so I subbed maple syrup, and I don't like almonds so I subbed crushed walnuts, and I didn't buy shallots. DH and I both loved the crunch of the nuts, peppers, and watercress. I loved the sweet tangy dressing. You couldn't really taste the pork. Next time I make this, I'll sub spinach for watercress and add some curry to the dressing. And if I'm out of pork I think tuna would work just as well.

One the knitting front, I'm working on a proposal for Interweave, so everything else is on hold and I really can't talk about it. But don't worry, September is when I (hope to) start my Christmas knitting.

Tomorrow, Fusilli with Chicken and Tomato Sauce.

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