Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

So, I've finished MIL's cardigan. Looks great, feels great. I'm currently in the process of sewing the sleeves to the body, and am trying not to get aggravated. I never realized how frustrating it is to line up square set-in sleeves. While I was knitting, I was thinking of doing the sleeves in the round, but decided to follow the pattern as written. Next time, I'll listen to that voice in my head.

Also, finished the Jack of diamonds scarf. But I pulled the seam too tight so I didn't have to add another ball just to bind off. Looks lop-sided, so I will frog and start the end border a row sooner. Hopefully that'll fix it, and nobody will notice. If not I'm gonna have to take out an entire pattern repeat and I don't want to have to do that.

As for business. Got the business cards. Have to make the website go live by the 1st so I can hand out the cards and people will have a site to go to. Almost done my own socks, so I'll start the socks for JDR so I can be a walking advertisement. I've also got to do my swatches for my kids designs. I'm swatching in undyed cotton just to see if the stitches look right. Then I'll submit sketches and photos to yarn companies who will hopefully send me some yarn.

Unfortunately no pics, but I'll definitely have some up by the end of the month. Have to post for the business site, so might as well post here as well.

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