Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yarn Diet

So, got back from Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. Bought probably about a pound of roving to spin. And five skeins of yarn and a spindle.

I was looking for Tinkerbell green for AK for a bolero and couldn't find anything spun in the right color. However, I saw the perfect shade for $7/2 oz and picked up 10 oz. And then my friend J wanted roving (big WTF) and the stand we were at would give her a free 4 oz bag if she bought two more. So of course I bought two, in this gorgeous red no less, so she could get a discount on her four bags. And of course, now that she has roving, she asks me to teach her how to spin. I took one horrible class last fall and only spun the rest of the roving I got from the NJ S&W. But J's so excited. So I buy a spindle and a IK book on spinning. And somewhere during all this I bought two skeins for $3 each. Back at the hotel, I give a quick and fumbling lesson to J while greatly improving my own technique. So ends Day 1.

We went back cuz I had to buy some more spun yarn. Got some super squishy ultra-pettable angora/merino blend that was naturally dyed in some awesome colors for a dress for DD. Got blocking wires on my way to Sanguine Gryphon. Now, I'm a serious lurker on their website. Love the patterns and Love the colorways. Well, let me tell you, the yarn is as soft and luxurious as it looks on the website. Both some Little Bugga and their new yarn, Mithril. Love, love, LOVE the colors. And Mithril is 560 yds for $20. Really great deal. Bought some bumper stickers and buttons and a MD S&W shirt before heading home.

So, back to reality. Last night, DH said I had to find some place to put all this yarn. Hence the yarn diet. I had to consolidate three stash sites down to two. So I have absolutely no space for any more yarn. And I have so many WIPs and WIMs that even I see the need to destash. Seeing as I've got a boatload of yarn (enough for my own store as my son says) I won't be buying any more yarn until at least after I get the green roving spun.

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