Friday, January 8, 2010

Another UFO (Unfinished Object)

I finally finished knitting a project on needles. I was on a knitting high, until I tried to find flannel to sew to the back of the throw. Unknown to me, Rag Shop went out of business! WTF? Where am I supposed to find a decent variety of fabric?

Since I use Michael's as my LYS (the nearest good one I know of is in Bridgewater), I know they don't have any fabric beyond bandannas and felt. I drove to AC Moore in EB, got some good yarn for a sweater for DH (another rant for another day), and went looking for cloth. ACM has large squares for quilting and flannel pajama bottoms, but no bolts of anything. I almost bought the pj's with the intent of using those, but it wasn't worth the time and money.

I haven't spoken with anyone at Michael's, but according to Mary at ACM they have no plans to carry bolts of fabric at this time. She told me to try WalMart. Now, our local Wally World had a horrible selection of costumes this past Halloween. I bought a set of long underwear this past fall, got it home and realized the top was not in the bag. DH had ripped the plastic when he opened it, and Wally World refused to accept the return, claiming it had been washed and blaming me for the missing piece. You can understand my reluctance to look for fabric there, let alone buy it.

So, to ease my angst at Wally World and Rag Shop, Auntee gave me the address and number of a fabric shop in Somerset and Nana told me to try a place on 22 in Plainfield. This is way too much work for a 4ft x 2ft piece of flannel. So until I get a chance to hunt down some fabric, the throw is now a UFO. So back to the afghan and starting on my first sweater ever.

BTW - Battery in camera died, so no pics of afghan for now. Will update soon.

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