Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I need an Eight Day Week

Sorry it's been a while. The Gregi are over-booked, as usual.

The Pinewood Derby is this Friday, so DH and DS have been working like crazy to get everything done. The final assembly will be tonight, and hopefully they're still under the weight limit.

A somewhat distant relative passed away and the services were Thursday. Went to escort Nana and reconnect with cousins I haven't seen in 15-odd years. Why is it that it takes a funeral to bring family together?

And yesterday DS seems to have had a stomach bug. Her food went in one end, then came out both ends the same consistency it went in. It's bad when taking care of your children makes you want to throw up.

So, after all that excitement, there is still no rest for the wicked. Tonight is PTA, tomorrow is Resident's Association, Thursday is Pinewood Derby weigh-in, Friday is the Derby itself, and Saturday Sunday is AK's (daughter of Mrs K) birthday party.

For AK's birthday, I picked up a cute outfit in her fav color, purple. I also bought some purple/pink/pastel colored yarn to make a pair of socks to go with the outfit. I've never made socks before, and I'm going to do these using the 2-on-1 method with circular needles. (BTW- Also bought another pair of needles) So wish me luck. I'll try to have pics posted regularly so you can see how they're coming along.

I feel bad about posting this, as the quality isn't that great. It feels forced and rushed, but I am commited to my once-a-week resolution. Plus, it's taken me two hours to write this cuz I'm also making Pork Chops Pizzaiola at the same time. Now I gotta go start the rice and wake DD up so she eats before the PTA meeting. Whew!

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